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Junior Tennis

In Kinsale's Junior Program, participants will engage in games and drills that support and emphasize The 3 F's


Participants will learn the basics of tennis. That will include hand-eye coordination, footwork, parts of the court, sportsmanship, and basic score-keeping.


Participants will learn the basics of ground-strokes, net-game, and serves.


Participants will engage in games and social interaction that makes learning a new sport enjoyable and something they would like to pursue! Tennis is a great sport for kids to play. It can help with a variety of other sports your children play, from improving coordination to helping develop mental toughness. And tennis is a sport that can be played for a lifetime!

The Junior Program will be broken down by ages, and all levels within your age group will be accommodated

Tiny Tots: 3-4 years of age

This class is an introduction to tennis. We want to help create a love for the sport in your child. Classes will focus on hand-eye coordination and playing different tennis related games.

Rookies: 5-6 years of age

This class promotes early exposure to tennis, helps players to develop better hand-eye coordination, and offers an opportunity for social interaction for the little ones. Our rookies class features lots of games and lots of fun.

Future Stars: 7-10 years of age

This class continues to help players develop sound form on all the strokes. The drills are more complex and there will be more hitting on the move with the ground strokes being taken from the baseline. Players will also work on court positioning, point play, and strategy. Our young guns class will be competitive but fun!

All-Stars: 11-18 years of age

This class enables players to sharpen their form and teaches players to hit the ball with even more spin, pace, and accuracy. Our junior elite class is intended to further prepare players seeking to play on their middle and high school tennis teams.

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