Swim Team

The Swim Team at Kinsale is a summer club sport. In no way should it be confused with an Olympic training facility. Thus the focus of our swim program will be the following in order of importance:

1. Fun
2. Sportsmanship
3. Good Swimming Techniques
4. Fast Swims

Over the past 35 years that I have been coaching, I have found that number 4 above usually results as a natural by-product of a strict adherence to numbers 1-3 above. I do not want to push children at such a young age to the point where they feel the sport not something they want to do anymore. It is my intention to expose your children to what I feel is one of the best sports. I feel it is one of the best sports for the following reasons:

1. It is a sport in which one can participate for a lifetime.

2. It is a sport with few injuries because the body’s weight is supported by natural buoyancy.

3. It can be done without having to get others together to form a team.

4. It allows accomplishment on an individual basis so one can measure their own progress.

5. Being an able swimmer opens the door to other sports and activities such as: water polo, scuba diving, water skiing, boating, fishing, surfing, sailing, windsurfing, jet skiing, body surfing, diving, etc… .

6. When your child goes to High School, they will find a group to belong to in order to fit in. I challenge you to find a better group in any High School than the swim team. Every team I have encountered has been hardworking, disciplined, and quite frankly too busy to get into trouble!

I have had many swimmers go on to great accomplishments in the sport but they did so only after enjoying their first experiences.
This is why I feel it is important that we establish realistic expectations for our swimmers and our program.


The fee for being a member of the Kinsale Swim or Dive Team is $175 for the season. If a child is doing both the total fee is $250


Uniforms  No team apparel is required, however a complete line of Sea Dog swag is available in the proshop.


Please direct any questions to the Thom Green, the Aquatics Director, at the email below.


  • Attendance
    • Summer is a busy time for us all and each family has different time requirements. For this reason I set forth no requirements for attendance. This being said, a swimmer’s achievements can directly be tied to their level of effort in practice. In the past we have had parents ask me why their child could not perform a skill, such as the butterfly, and our answer sometimes is that we have done it in practice several times but your child was not in attendance. It is our recommendation that you establish a goal with your child that they will attend 2, 3, 4, or 5 practices a week and stick to it. You can use this as a way to teach your child the important skills of commitment, discipline and scheduling. Each Sunday you may want to discuss with your child which days that week they will be attending, set the schedule for the week, and then work with your child to adhere to it. It really can be a great way to develop an important part of your child’s maturing process.

      Preseason Practices: Check the website in the event of cold or inclement weather
         May 25-June 1st 
                    11 and over 4:00pm-5:00pm
                    10 and under 5:00pm-6:00pm
      *Swimmers need to attend at least 3 of these practices to allow us to assess their abilities for our first two meets.
      Also, swimmers need to sign up for the intrasquad meet, Friday June 2nd and for our first meet, Tuesday June 6th by Tuesday, May 30th.

       First Morning Practice: Monday, June 5th

      Normal Practice Times (AM)
      Ages 11-over by coaches invitation only - Monday - Friday 7:30am-9:00am
      Ages 11-over (or other by coaches invitation)- Monday- Friday 8:00am-9:00am
      Ages 10 and under (exception developmental swimmers)- Monday-Friday 9:00am-10:00am
      Developmental Team (ages 7 and under)- Monday-Friday 9:00am-10:00am

      *Developmental swimmers:

      Must have passed station 4 in the SwimAmerica program and must be concurrently enrolled in that program through station 7 to strengthen their swimming skills.  Due to the high swimmer/teacher ratio it is not possible to teach your child to swim in the developmental practice. 

      **Swim Team can not be a replacement for swim lessons.  Any child on the swim team who has not passed through station 7 is expected to be enrolled in SwimAmerica group lessons or taking private lessons from one of our staff concurrently with the swim team.  You will be contacted to enroll in lessons if this is not the case.  If your child does not attend 4weeks of group lessons or meet a private lesson equivalent agreed upon by the head coach by the end of the lesson period, your account will be billed for 4weeks of group lessons.  Participation in the swim team is an agreement to this policy.**  

      Meet Participation

      It is very important that you sign your swimmer up to participate in every meet.  The coaches make the lineup well before the day of the meet and due to problems in the past we have found it best to have parents sign up for meets they will attend rather than those they will not.  The sign up list will be posted near the front desk of the pool the Wednesday before the Monday meet.

      If your swimmer is not signed up they may not be able to swim in the meet.

  • Meet Days
    • Swim meets are held on Tuesdays in the late afternoon and evening. Warmups will begin at 4:30 and the meet will start at 5:30 unless otherwise notified. A pool party for the swimmers and divers will be held at the conclusion of each home meet and some of the away meets.

      Swimming and Diving Meets and Team activities

      May 29th Monday     Powell Memorial Day Parade
      June 2   Friday            Intrasquad meet.  5:00 warm-up

      June 6   Tuesday         @ Jefferson Columbus Country Club;  4:30 warm-up

      June 13  Tuesday        Host Medallion; 4:30 warm-up
      June 16  Friday     Powell Invitational Hosted by Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club

      June 20  Tuesday        @ Columbus Country Club;  4:30 warm-up

      June 27  Tuesday         Host Wedgewood; 4:30 warm-up

      July 5     Tuesday         Host Tartan Fields Country Club; 4:30 warm-up    

      July 9     Sunday     Spirit Party at the pool 

      July 11   Tuesday         Championship Finals @ The Ohio State University times TBD        

      July12    Wednesday    Team Banquet @ Scioto Reserve 


      Dive meets will be contested prior to each swim meet.  The start of the dive meet is determined by how many divers are competing in the meet and thus the start times for each may vary.  A ballpark time would be starting warm-ups at 2:00.

      The first meet is an intrasquad meet (think of it as a dress rehearsal for parents and swimmers)

      Championships are for everyone, but each team only enters one relay per event.




  • Communication
    • Communication will be done via email and you should be receiving these from Swim Team Mom, Jennifer Nester.
      Please direct any questions to Thom Green, Head Coach, at tgreen@wscloud.org