The Kinsale Dive Team Information

The Kinsale Sea Dogs Dive Team Philosophy

Good diving techniques

While some of our divers may go on to great accomplishments in diving, this will only occur if their first experiences in the sport are positive ones!

  • Attendance
    • Summer is a busy time for us all and each family has different time requirements.   For this reason I set forth no requirements for attendance.   This being said, a swimmer’s achievements can directly be tied to their level of effort in practice.  In the past we have had parents ask me why their child could not perform a skill, such as the butterfly stroke, and our answer sometimes is that we have done it in practice several times but your child was not in attendance.  It is our recommendation that you establish a goal with your child that they will attend 2, 3, 4 or 5 practices a week and stick to it.   You can use this as a way to teach your child the important skills of commitment, discipline and scheduling.  Each Sunday you may want to discuss with your child which days that week they will be attending, set the schedule for the week, and then work with your child to adhere to it. It really can be a great way to develop an important part of your child’s maturing process. 

      Dive Practices
               11 and over 5:00pm-6:00pm
               10 and under 6:00pm-7:00pm

               11 and over 9am-10am
               10 and under 10am-11am
  • Meet Days
    • Diving meets are held in the afternoon prior to the swim meets. The starting times may differ depending upon the size of the team we are competing against. The goal is to complete the diving by 3:30 to allow swimmers some down time before the swim meet. More information about individual meets will be discussed by the coaches at practices.


      Dive meets will be contested prior to each swim meet.  The start of the dive meet is determined by how many divers are competing in the meet and thus the start times for each may vary.  A ballpark time would be starting warm-ups at 2:00.

      The first meet is an intrasquad meet (think of it as a dress rehearsal for parents and swimmers)

      The Developmental meet is for 10 and unders only and will have cutoff times to limit it to those swimmers not

      accustomed  to winning races in regular dual meets.

      District Championships are for everyone

      Championship Finals are for those swimmers qualifying from the 4 District meets plus those on a relay team.  Each team is allowed only one relay team at the championships.


      *This is a change from the original schedule

  • Communication
    • Communication will be done via email and you should be receiving these from Nicole Lynch. If not please make sure she has your correct email address by contacting her at

      Please direct any questions to the head swim coach Andy Scott at