SWIMAmerica 2018 General Information

Welcome to SwimAmerica at Kinsale. SwimAmerica is a learn to swim program, that has been successfully serving Central Ohio since the early 1990’s. The program was developed by the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) with the hopes of teaching children proper swimming techniques while stressing safety and having fun. Our coaches are all certified instructors and they will review basic fundamentals every day before adding new skills to be learned.

SwimAmerica is a 10 station, technique-oriented and goal-driven program that is very individualized for each swimmer. Every participant is issued their own red, white and blue certificate and earns gold stickers to attach to the certificate as they advance through the stations. Unlike other learn to swim classes; we do not test students on the last day of the session. The swimmers skills are assessed daily so the student advances at his/her own pace, therefore, no one is ever in a station for the same number of days.

Following is a list of requirements and helpful tips for those participating in the program:

  • Those enrolling in lessons must be Kinsale members.
  • Children must be three years old before the first day of class.
  • All swimmers must be potty trained.
  • All members enrolling in lessons must submit a completed on line registration form.
  • For planning purposes and in order to provide a small instructor to student ratio, we will have a registration deadline for each week. (See dates on registration form.)
  • Station placement will be determined by the supervisor unless previously enrolled in SA.
  • If new to SA, please fill out a ‘skills progression check list’.
  • Children should be able to enter the water without a parent or care-giver getting in with them for the lesson.
  • Stations 1-4 may have up to 4 or 5 swimmers in a class.
  • Stations 5-10 may have up to 6 or 7 swimmers in a class.
  • Classes are for 30 minutes, M-F.
  • Goggles are permitted, however, if the child gets too distracted by them, they may be asked to leave them off. Masks that cover the nose are not permitted as this hinders proper breathing technique.
  • Children with long hair should have it pulled back or tied in a twisty.
  • Our coaches may sometimes have a scheduling conflict or be on vacation; therefore your child may not have the same instructor each day. We’ll do our best to be as consistent as possible in this matter.
  • There are no make up classes. In an effort to manage class size, if you miss a class we cannot let you make it up at another time. In the event of inclement weather (thunder or lightning) the fee for the lesson will be prorated. Every effort will be made to conduct the class as scheduled and no proration will be made unless the class is cancelled. Please call ahead if you have questions 740-881-6500.